Dual Occupancy Home Construction


Lowe Design & Build are an award-winning Bayside builder who specialize in dual occupancy developments and custom single homes. Providing an all-inclusive service, offering an efficient and streamlined solution for your next Bayside project. With our dual occupancy duplex designs, the homes are “future proofed” and ideal for downsizers with a ground floor master suite and two separate living spaces on both the ground and first floors. Dual occupancy, which refers to building two homes on the one block, provides the perfect option for downsizing, extended families or generating income. We have a unique and tested building model that allows you to unlock the most potential of your land.

Explore our designs and the advantages that come with a dual occupancy development designed and built by Melbourne’s trusted name in Bayside.

What Is a Dual Occupancy Home?

A dual occupancy duplex home is a residential building that includes two dwellings. The dwellings are typically attached and built on the same parcel of land with two separate titles.

Each townhouse has it’s own dedicated entrance, a courtyard and services. Lowe Design & Build customize the floorplans to suit your site, your needs, lifestyle and financial objectives.

You may find that a dual occupancy home is a convenient option for your extended family. The layouts offer the perfect combination of privacy and proximity. These same benefits may also appeal to those with adult children living at home or those that need to care for aging parents.

Dual occupancy offers a stable investment with multiple options for generating a return. When completing a dual occupancy development, you may choose to sell one of the dwellings to assist with the funding of your own. Alternatively, when retaining both dwellings, you may decide to rent out one or both homes to generate a rental return.

Types of Dual Occupancy Homes

Dual occupancy homes come in a variety of configurations and designs. However, they typically feature two separate dwellings built on a subdivided parcel of land. Dual occupancy homes can be built side-by-side, one behind the other, or fully detached. Dual occupancy developments must comply with the various rules and regulations stipulated by the local council.

Land Titles and Subdividing the Land

Subdividing a block of land results in separate land titles. The original parcel is divided into two or more assets, allowing you to build separate dwellings on each parcel or sell off the additional parcels. It offers the perfect solution for downsizers, or a means to create profit or generate income.

Choosing the Right Builder

Building a new dual occupancy home in Bayside involves several steps. You first need a block of land that is suitable for subdivision. You then need to establish a design which is compliant with the local council and receive a planning permit. Choosing the right builder simplifies these steps; at Lowe Design & Build we are here to support you through your development journey, from deciding on a floorplan that suits your needs to dealing with council through the town planning process. Lowe Design & Build will manage every step on your behalf, all under one roof.

If you are looking for an experienced Bayside builder, we have completed all types of dwellings throughout the Bayside corridor and have the experience needed to help you thoroughly explore all your options. Get in touch with us today to discuss if a dual occupancy project is right for you.