Camp Awakenings: Camp Manyung


Once again, Camp Awakenings and their amazing team of volunteers ran another successful camp for year 9 students on the weekend of the 12th-14th April at Mt Eliza’s Camp Manyung.

The purpose of Camp Awakenings is to positively impact youth by way of personal development, leadership, self-esteem and wellbeing, and to provide youth with opportunities to grow irrespective of their socio-economic status, race or cultural background, gender identity or religious beliefs.

CA Leader Sandi and her team did just that, hosting what they described to be ‘our best camp yet and the participants were amazing, they got so much out of it!’

Read an excerpt for a testimonial from a camp participant:

“I would just like to say thank you so much for this memorable and life changing experience. Being a 15 year old girl, who has had a troubled childhood, been bullied, never feeling accepted, trouble fitting in and being “different”. I’ve never felt this happy as I have on this camp for a long time – I could even say it has been the first time I have felt happy in a long time…..  Again, thank you so much for everything you guys have done.” – PARTICIPANT

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