A message from Matt Lowe.



I hope this email finds you well. With all the news around about soaring material costs, labor shortages, builders in financial trouble, I thought it would be timely to provide some insight into how things are at Lowe Design & Build, and some of the main reasons why we remain stable and secure.


Lowe Design & Build has a very different business model to many other building companies. As an end-to-end business, we derive our income from a much broader range of services – from initial concept design, through town planning, drafting, real estate sales and even beyond that to our recently launched Home Servicing. Most conventional construction companies rely mostly on external providers for many of these services. We prefer to carry out all of this work in-house as we strongly believe that it ensures the best project outcome, better service to our clients and produces consistently very high quality custom homes.


Our other major difference is the strength of relationships we have with our clients. With our land-owning clients, we build strong, trusting relationships over many years. The strength of these relationships, and the trust that comes with them,  means that we can work together on solutions as genuine partners on the project. This is unusual in the building industry, and is invaluable, especially in challenging times. Material and labour cost increases have undoubtedly had a huge impact on the industry and we are certainly not immune from them, but by working closely with our partnering clients, working smart and keeping our margins lean, we have been able to successfully navigate our way through these challenges on all of our projects.


So today, as we hopefully enter a period when cost pressures will ease, I am happy to report that Lowe Design & Build remains match fit and confident! We have very low levels of unplanned staff turnover and are continuously working to improve our performance levels – the recent expansion of our pre construction client support team is a good example of carefully considered service improvement and measured growth.


Thank you for how you have worked with us, often laughed and sometimes cried with us, but most of all trusted us. We are as committed and excited as ever to be producing a remarkable home for you!



Matt Lowe