Alice Armstrong – Senior Interior Designer

If you looked up “humble” in the dictionary, Alice’s picture would be there! She would so much rather talk to other people about what they want than talk about herself, and it’s just about impossible to get her to tell you what she is good at!

But, as anyone who knows her or her work will confirm, she is very good at what she does. After completing a 4 year degree in Interior Architecture at Monash, Alice worked for a boutique firm in Prahran before joining us at Lowe Design & Build, and she has now been with us for nearly 10 years!

Alice says she has “grown up” at Lowe and has learned so much. She loves the leadership she receives and the positive people environment at work, and says many of them are so much more to her than colleagues. And unsurprisingly, people love working with Alice! She is so familiar with the whole design and build process now, from feasibility studies through to handover, and her creativity, attention to detail and amazing ability to “get on the same wavelength” as her clients mean that she makes an immense contribution to the quality and individuality of each project.

Alice is also a new Mum, and she and her husband Brad love nothing more than going home to Black Rock to chill out and play with their beautiful daughter Olivia.

So what should you expect if you are working on a project with Alice? She will listen carefully, and as one client recently said -  “she never stops thinking and offering ideas and possible solutions”. She excels at floor plans and details and if she is ever stuck with a construction challenge she will go straight to the construction team and get it solved. Alice is simply passionate about great design, is an experienced “solution-finder” and a highly effective communicator (except about her strengths) – what a brilliant value combination she brings to the team!