Townhouses For Sale

Why purchasers love purchasing Pre Construction.

Purchasing a townhouse for sale allows our purchasers access to land in tightly held Bayside locations where they would never have imagined having the opportunity to build their dream townhouse. The purchasers ability to customise their townhouse means they can take a holistic approach to design and what best serves their needs and objectives.

When you purchase a townhouse for sale Pre Construction, you’ll love the opportunity and the freedom you’ll have to customise your new townhouse to your individual needs, taste, and desires. Working with our in house design team you’ll be able to achieve your perfect Bayside townhouse that’s as individual as you are.

You can also rest assured that when purchasing a townhouse, your Lowe Design & Build Bayside residence will be synonymous with quality and a timeless elegance and a sound investment now and well into the future. Our buyers have often admired Lowe Design & Build’s work for an extensive period time and appreciate the long term benefits of owning one of our townhouses.