Advantages of a Pre Construction purchase with Lowe Design & Build.


Purchasing Pre Construction with Lowe Design & Build comes with many benefits, such as early land ownership, plus the freedom and flexibility to customise your new home. Let’s explore these advantages and more, to discover if it’s the right choice for you.

Owning the land at the beginning

One of the biggest attractions when buying one of our Pre Construction townhouses is that you own the title of your land before any construction starts. This gives you more input into what happens throughout the build. 

Fixed price build costs

All our properties are sold with a full list of inclusions that will cover every detail of your new home. This includes all fixtures and fittings as well as driveways and landscaping.  The full price covers every aspect of your new home so there are no surprises later, providing you with peace of mind.

Dealing directly with Lowe Design & Build

Your build contract will be directly with Lowe Design & Build, meaning you’ll have full access to our designers and project managers. Working directly with our team you’ll become an integral part of the development and not a third party.

Option to upgrade

While our homes are already designed with a high list of inclusions, should you want to make changes they are priced on a cost differential basis. This allows you the flexibility to upgrade certain aspects of the home, so if want a more expensive item, you will only pay the additional cost for the items you choose to upgrade.


Working with a custom home builder your choices in fixtures and fittings are only limited by your imagination. Whether it’s a particular brand you’d like to use or an architectural element you aspire to introduce, our design team will work with you to ensure your new home aligns with your needs and lifestyle.

Making Changes

While we spend a lot of time making sure we design our homes as thoughtfully as possible, fine tuning your new home to your needs is our specialty. Our designers will work closely with you to ensure every space flows throughout the home making it work perfectly for your needs. Their guidance and support guarantee you a stress free path to your new home.

Stamp duty savings

Buying the subdivided land directly from the current landowner means stamp duty is calculated on the land purchase only. Depending on the property, the savings can be significant and can be a major addition to your overall budget.

In Summary

A Pre Construction purchase provides you with greater control over the design and construction process. With early land ownership, fixed pricing, and the freedom to customise, your journey with Lowe Design & Build is secure, transparent and uniquely yours. This makes it an attractive option when looking to buy a new home.

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