Develop your land without using your own funds.


Are you planning for the next chapter of your life to be fun, comfortable, healthy, secure and fulfilled? Then it’s important to “get your house in order”.

A lot of people know they need to replace, upgrade, downsize or modernise, or all four, but don’t really know where to start or how to make it happen. The very best place to start is by getting accurate information about what is possible when it comes to developing your property. Having the right knowledge so that you can stay in control and make informed decisions is essential. This article speaks plainly about the options, the possibilities, the solutions, and where you can find them.

Asset rich, yet cash poor?

Did you know… You can develop your land without funding the build. 

Like many Bayside landowners, you have an appetite to explore developing your land. But you always get stuck with the same question; how on earth will I fund this build?

It can be so frustrating! Your property is worth so much, but there isn’t enough cash available for you to update your home, let alone do a knock down and rebuild.

So how do you access that locked-up value? Many people in this position don’t realise they can develop their own land without using their own funds. By selling one townhouse pre construction you’ll receive the proceeds before you build. A purchaser, sourced by Lowe Design & Build invests their capital prior to construction which makes the whole development possible.

Simply put – you bring the land, we bring expertise, and the buyer provides the funds to fuel the build.

Lowe Design & Build have been successfully supporting property owners in Bayside to develop their land this way for decades – click here to see the extensive list. We’ve achieved outstanding sales results (often outperforming the rest of the Bayside market) and our clients simply LOVE it.

Here’s two examples of what they have to say –

“I had heard about Lowe Design & Build through an acquaintance and made inquiries about the possibility of developing our corner block. The promise of selling half the block before the building started was wonderful and enabled us to get the house we wanted.”
Pru, Brighton East

“Because our project was a duplex building, the sale of the second unit was important to us. There were suggestions on how to best utilise the sale to suit our financial needs for the future, all with great success.”
Gaele, Aspendale


























Fed up with endless home maintenance?

Did you know… A new home allows you the freedom to enjoy the things you love.

The lawns, blocked gutters, rotting timber, leaks, jarring windows and doors, never ending maintenance and exorbitant bills on inefficient heating and cooling… there comes a time when you just don’t want to do it all anymore! Imagine living in a home that doesn’t require all of that work, freeing up time and money for holidays and fun, rather than repairs and costly maintenance.

With our support, you can have a low maintenance and efficient home which is architecturally designed and perfectly suits your needs.

We have made it happen for so many – why not you? Here’s what one typical client had to say –











We turned a home in which we had lived for 33 years, that was well past its use by date, into a new, maintenance free home that will see us happily into retirement.”

John & Pam, Beaumaris

Is your home past its use by date?

Did you know… You can tailor your next home to suit your changing needs.

There was a time when the house was always full and you needed all that space, but this is a new chapter of life. This is a time for warmth, comfort and ease. It’s time to have time for you.

You now have an opportunity to personalise your new home to suit your needs for today and for the future! For today, you’ll prioritise the right sized spaces, the best views, ample natural light, modern appliances and fittings in a comfortable and efficient home.

When designing for the future, there’s an abundance of options available– lift provisions, larger bathrooms, minimal steps and non-slip surfaces, space for the grandchildren as well as future in-home care. The peace of mind that comes with being able to “lock up and leave” when you need some time away, without worrying about home security or the maintenance piling up while you are away!

For example, these are the results John & Pam experienced –












‘From concept to completion’ aptly describes the service provided by Lowe Design and Build. Brian Lowe first visited our property to discuss a possible dual occupancy development and what our expectations were, including the timing of the project….. We did not encounter any ‘issues’ throughout the whole build process it was an absolute pleasure to see the development from initial feasibility plans to a built home complete with landscaping.

John & Pam, Beaumaris



















Concerned about the risks when developing?

Did you know… Making the right moves with the right information ensures you stay in control.

Development can produce great outcomes…. or not! There are plenty of stories of both. The key to achieving your objectives with your development is in partnering with an experienced, trustworthy company who supports YOU with every major decision.

We understand that ownership means security. You have worked for it and you don’t want to lose control by handing it over to a developer and crossing your fingers.

So how do we mitigate the risks? By making the right moves in the right order. When selling pre construction, Lowe Design & Build sources the buyer before you build, which means you’ll continue living in your home just as you are until the sale townhouse is successfully sold.

You won’t carry the risk of moving out of your home, commencing the build, predicting what the market will do in 2 years’ time, and waiting an unknown period for a buyer once its finished.

What are the benefits of selling pre construction? Along with mitigating your risks and resolving your funding concerns, there are often CGT, stamp duty and holding cost savings.

From a buyer’s perspective, they love getting involved early and working with us to ensure their townhouse is customised just as they want. It’s win – win.

This “pre construction sale” approach, when combined with Lowe Design & Build’s advice and expertise, means that all parties are able to collaboratively work together to successfully realise everyone’s goals.















“The Lowe experience was as smooth and stress free as I could have asked for in a building venture. It was my first build and I did not know what to expect other than warnings from many that building a house was very demanding. That was not the case with Lowe’s and I was consulted, assisted and respected during every step of the process.”

Brad Kingsbury

“The service your business has provided has been outstanding. We truly believe you understand your consumer / clients’ needs and put them at the forefront of every decision you and your team make.”

 Joel, Carrum





















Love your community and don’t want to move? 

Did you know… You can halve your land, maintain your lifestyle & stay local.

You live in such a lovely area, and you don’t want to leave. Your closest friends and family live around the corner, you love your neighbours, the local coffee shop who know you by name, the beach, your local football, bowls or golf club is all nearby. Its your community and the comfort it provides is important to you.

Perhaps you’ve considered selling and buying but couldn’t find the right fit. This is when developing your own property becomes an ideal solution.

But what if you don’t feel confident developing? That’s where we come in. Lowe Design & Build have worked with landowners to make the very most of their property for decades, and so have become very good at hand-holding. You have the ‘property with potential’ and we know how you can best realise it.

The process of transitioning from a loved but tired old home to a new, bright and easy home on the same land is much more straight forward than you might think.

So, you don’t have to go – stay. But in a beautiful new designer home!

Here’s what some of our clients have felt –













Rosie and I wanted to express our gratitude and sheer joy at moving into our new home. What a spectacular job you and your team have done! The quality of the work and the efficiency of the build were a joy to experience.”

Peter and Rosie, Sandringham.

Since moving into our Lowe Design & Build home, we feel like we’re ‘living the dream’ and are proud to welcome people into our new home.”

Chris, Mordialloc.

It was very helpful that we were invited to look at other Lowe houses to get ideas for our own. The whole process seemed to be achieved with a minimum of fuss.”

Pru, Brighton East.

Like to know more?

Hear from Caroline, one of our landowners who developed her land without using her own funds.




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Please Note | The information provided is general in nature and your personal financial situation is unique. Any information and advice obtained through this article may not be appropriate for your situation. We would recommend seeking financial advice before proceeding.