Home Servicing


Another Level of Service

In an exciting new initiative, Lowe Design & Build is now offering an extra layer of service to Lowe homeowners.

Our clients and those who have purchased a Lowe Design & Build home are justifiably proud of their home and are keen to maintain its quality, its appearance, its functionality and its value. But finding the right people to service, maintain, repair and improve your home even further can be very challenging!

This is why Lowe Design & Build are stepping up to the challenge!

Lowe’s Home Servicing is designed to provide continuity of care for the ‘life’ of your home. As time goes on there are always areas that need ongoing maintenance or regular attention to ensure your home continues to look great and function as intended.

With Lowe’s Home Servicing you can feel confident that the quality and attention that was applied to the original design and construction of your home will be upheld. Lowe’s knowledge of and pride in our homes, along with our access to the original specification and details, means it just seems natural for us to be the ones to service it in the best way possible.

How does it work?

Lowe Home Servicing offer three forms of service, designed to meet the varying requirements of different homes and their owners’ preferences –

1. Coastal Care

Living Bayside is just wonderful, but we have to face the reality that it comes with salt! Salt can seriously, and quickly, damage the exterior of your home but the challenges of accessing hard to reach areas, having the right equipment and the physical ability to do the job often mean homes suffer more damage than necessary. In coastal conditions exterior cleaning is the first step toward an effective preventive maintenance program. When done right, regular detailed cleaning significantly extends the life of all external finishes and fittings. Using high and low pressure the ‘Coastal Clean’ is the total “hot water bath” for your home!

2. Routine Servicing

This is our “stitch in time saves nine” service, where we identify and remedy all of those things that start off small but if left alone end up costing a whole lot more than necessary. We provide a comprehensive inspection followed by a “traffic light” report which classifies items according to their urgency, providing you with the choice of what you would like done and when. We then provide your home with a Service Logbook, which records the scheduled servicing and maintenance work, giving you full confidence that your home is being kept in the best of health!

3. Further Works

As time goes on, many people like to customise their homes according to changing needs or preferences. They may need a lift installed, a wall moved a fresh paint job or a new pergola or a deck. In the past, this work has not typically been a part of Lowe’s normal range, meaning Lowe homeowners had to find their own tradesperson or supplier. The “Further Works” element of Lowe’s Home Servicing is perfectly placed to take care of these needs. And importantly, as we will be using the same standard of tradespeople, suppliers and supervision as was used to originally build your home, your additional work will show the same quality and integrity of design and finishes.

We are determined to ensure our new service is everything you want it to be, and so have been preparing the equipment, pricing levels and systems for some months. To find out more and book your complimentary home, visit https://lowedesignbuild.com.au/home-servicing/.