Things to consider before you progress to developing your land

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As you begin your journey with Lowe Design & Build, one of the first questions you will ask is, “Is my site suitable?”

There are several considerations at play. The first thing to remember is that at Lowe Design & Build we have been through this process many times and can boast many satisfied clients.

From the moment you consider the possibilities through to closing your new front door behind you for the first time, and indeed beyond, we are with you every step of the way.

Complimentary site review

Lowe Design & Build will get the ball rolling by offering a preliminary assessment regarding the suitability of your land.

  • How wide is the frontage?
  • Is it flat or sloping?
  • What is the orientation?
  • Is there room for a second driveway?

We will assess the overall suitability of the project, assessing the site thoroughly and holistically. Existing trees, poles, or other obstacles? We flag all of these and apply our ingenuity and creativity to find the best possible solutions for you.

By the time you come into the office, we will have begun to create a picture of the possibilities for your new townhouses, and we are excited to guide you with the relevant information.

To Lowe Design & Build, there are often no obstacles that we cannot overcome. So you can be confident that whatever challenges your particular land presents, we have encountered them before. This is the benefit of our 40+ years of experience.

Problem solving

While every property is unique, we can show you examples of existing floor plans or design solutions that can be adapted for your situation.

Lowe Design & Build’s proven track record, extensive experience and local knowledge mean that there are practically no challenges we cannot overcome.

We are a tight-knit team of problem-solvers! Being part of the fabric of the Bayside area for as long as we have means that we have successfully responded to the same challenges, negotiated with the same councils and navigated the same regulations to deliver to our many satisfied clients.

What about trees?

No doubt there are trees on and/or around your current property. Trees are an essential part of our urban landscape, supporting a variety of wildlife, providing shade and protection from the weather and improving our physical, mental and emotional health.

Native acacias, banksias, eucalyptus, tea trees and melaleucas, and exotic varieties such as plane trees, jacarandas, magnolias, elms – all of these add to the unique character and desirability of our beautiful bayside suburbs.

Our local councils of Bayside and Kingston are committed to protecting these leafy landscapes. Any potential development will naturally need to consider existing trees.

Part of the development process will involve the assessment by a qualified arborist of these trees and a recommendation as to whether they are to be retained, removed or replaced.

Whether a tree stays or goes is dependent on many factors.  These include the trees’ species, health, size, and structure, if it is on the Significant Tree Register, or if you happen to live in an area of VPO (Vegetation Protective Overlay) such as Black Rock, Beaumaris or parts of Cheltenham.

Removal or replacement of trees will require a local law permit or planning permit. And if a tree is to be retained, this will need to be factored into the overall building design. Care needs to be taken that footings, slabs and the connection of services do not damage root systems or compromise the tree’s viability in any way.

For further information, both Bayside and Kingston City Councils’ websites comprehensively address the policies and practicalities around trees and tree removal.

The good news is that Lowe Design & Build have done this all before. So while you are absolutely at liberty to research the existing trees on your property, you can also look to us to do this research for you and action any permits as required on your behalf.

We can make recommendations and organise inspections to get this process started for you. Once the assessments are done, we will continue to liaise with your local council, as we have done many times, and our design team will work with them in accordance with all regulations and requirements.


Can I work with Lowe Design & Build if I already have plans and permits?

This is a question that often arises. With Lowe Design & Build our service is bespoke, holistic and encompasses every aspect of your build. Our designers are passionate about what they do. They are committed to creating dwellings that they are proud of, that have lasting value and that deliver to our clients on every front. In order to fully realise this, we need to start with a blank slate – from the creation point.

 So, in other words, no!

We want to be with you from the very beginning of your journey. So perhaps you have already engaged an architect or procured plans? Unless you are interested in revisiting these, unfortunately we may not be the company for you.

In-house, bespoke

Everything with Lowe Design & Build is managed internally. We boast a full design team, including interior designers. Combining expertise, creative flair and experience, we all work together to respond to, and exceed, our clients’ expectations. Our team drives all campaigning and communication with councils towards the procurement of permits and preparation of working drawings. This ensures a unified vision and timely delivery for your new home.

We appreciate that many more questions will arise along the way on your journey with Lowe Design & Build. With our proven track record and reputation for outstanding customer service, there is no question that we cannot answer! So why not get in touch and get the conversation started, today?

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Please Note | The information provided is general in nature and your personal financial situation is unique. Any information and advice obtained through this article may not be appropriate for your situation. We would recommend seeking financial advice before proceeding.