Why Lowe Design & Build?


Our beautifully executed designs and proven construction expertise, make Lowe Design & Build homes and townhouses some of the most highly regarded residences in the Bayside area.

Established in 1984 and formerly known as Lowe Construction, Brian Lowe commenced the business with a steadfast focus on absolute attention to detail. This quickly became the company’s mantra.

Having been involved in the business for over 25 years, Brian’s son, Matt Lowe is now at the helm as General Manager and is backed by the company’s values.

Matt has a clear vision for the company – to deliver excellent service to selective landowners who want to own a luxury, prestige home in the beautiful Bayside area which he loves.

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Building a home that is both innovative in design and will stand the test of time, is no simple feat. With Lowe Design & Build, you will enjoy the benefit of our years in the business and the daily pleasure of living in a meticulously crafted home.

Lowe Design & Build offer a full concierge service. Supporting you through every aspect of your new build journey from the initial concept and design, construction, through to delivery, and even beyond with our Home Servicing initiative – supporting you for the life of your Lowe home.

Everything is taken care of in-house, by our talented, expert and dedicated team. To learn more about the services offered at Lowe Design & Build – Click here.

When working with one team under the one roof, the vision for your new home is unified. The process is efficient, costs are managed, and communication is clear.

We are collaborative.

With so much to consider, we work together to create the path for a successful project. When challenges arise, we all pitch in to arrive at the best solutions. It’s a transparent system where the communication is honest, open and regular.

We manage the timelines.

The new build journey involves managing a variety of timelines to ensure they all work in harmony. We are driven to keeping the project moving forward and we are highly adaptive to change, providing landowners the flexibility to revisit decisions when necessary.

We guide and support you.

Undertaking a new build, can be a daunting experience. With our combined services, we share our experiences and guide you to ensure the best outcomes.

We are accountable from beginning to end.

From cost to time frames, how it looks, and how it functions, when working with Lowe Design & Build there is closer consideration and integration of all elements necessary to execute the perfect build.

We understand that making the decision to undertake a new build, is a huge one.

For over 40 years, our sophisticated designs and quality builds have produced lifestyle and financial reward for many discerning homeowners and investors. You can be sure that the quality finishes that Lowe Design & Build are widely renowned for, will be a lasting feature.

Our extensive, satisfied clientele are a testament to our unrivaled processes. To hear from them in their own words, click here – testimonials.

To begin exploring the potential of your land and to book a complimentary assessment – Click here.

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