Managing building costs.

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Lowe Design & Build understand that making the decision to develop your property is a huge one. It’s one of the biggest decision you will make.

None of us wants to pay more than we have to, nor do we want to be taken advantage of. Therefore, one of the critical ways Lowe Design & Build address the cost concerns of our clients is through the work of our dedicated Cost Manager, John Evans.

What is a cost manager?

A cost manager controls the costs associated with a project across its entire life cycle. This includes advising on, preparing and managing budgets, overseeing the procuring of materials and resources, preparing cost estimates, foreseeing potential risks and ensuring the most cost-effective project operation –  without compromising on quality.

Introducing John Evans

Cost Manager John Evans has been part of the Lowe Design & Build family since August 2021. With qualifications in management, computing, mathematics and building, as well as extensive business knowledge and experience, John is well-armed and equipped for the battle against fluctuations.

John explains that his is a hybrid role. He tirelessly investigates every detail to ensure costs to the customer are kept to a minimum, operations are streamlined and efficient and timelines are observed – whilst always maintaining the Lowe Design & Build commitment to quality.

Many factors drive price increases.  These include:

  • raw materials
  • overheads
  • systems
  • suppliers
  • sub-contractors

And then there is the broader economic environment, including increased interest rates, high inflation, restricted supply chains, increased demand, material and widespread labour shortages all contribute to fluctuation in costs.

The price of essential building materials such as timber, steel, copper and crude oil is volatile, while rising petrol prices mean cartage and delivery are costing more than ever. Markets are still reeling from the after-effects of the pandemic, and the flow-on effects are many. Our post-pandemic world is a complex one to navigate from an economic point of view.

This is where someone like John is invaluable. With knowledge of these fluctuating markets, a sharp eye on pricing and his extensive experience in the industry, John is constantly asking “Is there a better way we can do this?”

With a refreshingly direct approach, an economist’s mindset and a dose of just enough healthy scepticism, John puts himself in your place; if he wouldn’t spend this amount himself, neither should you.


Question everything!

Here’s an example: A supplier recently sent notification that regretfully but unavoidably their prices would be going up. John immediately questioned this, as his research had previously revealed that this particular commodity’s price was actually decreasing at the time. In the end, after further investigation, the expected price rise was happily replaced by a discount!

Fixed agreements are carefully scrutinised too. If buying fifty units of a fitting or fixing rather than two makes more economic sense, you can rest assured that John will make sure that is what happens.

John is not afraid to do the research, look at all possible solutions and ask the difficult questions when necessary. The net result is clarity, transparency, and the assurance that you are receiving the fairest possible pricing in order to stay within your budget – with no compromise on quality.

Having John’s expertise and commitment on board is yet another example of how Lowe Design & Build has gained our enviable reputation for outstanding customer service. As we always say, our aim is to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Speak to us today about how we can help you realise your building dreams without blowing the budget.

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Please Note | The information provided is general in nature and your personal financial situation is unique. Any information and advice obtained through this article may not be appropriate for your situation. We would recommend seeking financial advice before proceeding.